Multi-zone Accessories

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  • Russound MBX-PRE: Wi-Fi Streaming Audio Player

    $739.08 + GST

    The MBX-PRE Streaming Audio Player is designed to offer a simple-to-install and simple-to-configure streaming media solution to add high quality streaming audio content to any audio system. The MBX-PRE can be used as a single stereo audio streaming source for a single room, or supply a single audio stream to a larger whole-house system through its easy-to-use analog line-level/digital (coax/optical) outputs.

  • Russound XSource Streaming Audio Player

    $739.09 + GST

    The XSource Streaming Audio Player is a multi-use streaming media solution with a tiny form factor for easy integration with external amplifiers or whole-house receivers. Designed for scalability, the XSource includes native support for high resolution audio, and the full complement of sources available in all of Russound’s XStream series of products.


  • Russound MDK-C6 Multiline Display Keypad

    $608.65 + GST

    The MDK-C6 Multiline Display Keypad is a wall-mounted, standard fit, double-gang keypad for all MCA-Series controllers



  • Russound SLK1: C-Series Single line Display Keypad

    $478.20 + GST

    The SLK-1 Single Line Keypad is an in-wall Decora® style single-gang keypad designed for individual zone control of any zone of an MCA-Series controller. The SLK-1 uses a five character LCD to display the current source, volume level and system status. Designed for basic zone control, its white backlit, soft-touch buttons allow for easy access to volume, power and source selection as well as a zone specific favorite and simple source transport option – play/pause, previous and next.


  • Russound XTSPlus In-Wall Touchscreen

    $1,391.20 + GST

    In-Wall Touchscreen

    Stylish in-wall touchscreen that runs an embedded version of the MyRussound™ App to control any Russound audio systems that connect to a home network like the MCA-Series controllers or the XStream Series of audio streaming solutions

  • Russound USRC Universal System Remote Control

    $95.60 + GST

    The USRC is designed to work with all of Russound’s multi-zone audio systems including the MCA-Series, C-Series, CAA66, CA4 and all A-BUS systems. It controls any of the programmed system sources and up to three local devices such as a TV or home theater receiver.


  • Russound KP6 System Keypad for CAA66 System

    $260.80 + GST

    Russound’s KP6 Keypad gives you simple control of your CAA66 multiroom system. It includes 20 source labels to easily identify each system source, from a CD player to an iPod. The keypad also indicates volume and receives IR commands from a remote control.


  • Russound KPL LCD Keypad for CAA66/CAS44 Systems

    $478.20 + GST

    The KPL Keypad controls a CAS44 or CAA66 multiroom system. Its five-character display aids in source selection, offering over 100 source labels to name your sources. The display also indicates volume and system status.


  • Russound KPSC Optional Source Control Keypad for KP6 or KPL

    $130.39 + GST

    Russound’s KPSC is the perfect optional add-on keypad for a CAA66 multiroom system. It adds direct numeric selection and additional functionality, such as, play, pause, track up and down. The KPSC links to a KP6 or KPL keypad to fit neatly in a double-gang wall plate.



  • Russound CA4-WP: Wall Port

    $121.60 + GST

    The CA4 Wall port allows for easy connection of a CA4 Multiroom Controller to the speaker and control wiring of the four system zones. Four dedicated CAT-5E cables connect the CA4 and Wall port, allowing for clean wire management in a neat, orderly bundle.


  • Russound CA4-KP CA4 System Keypad

    $199.90 + GST

    Russound’s CA4-KP Keypad gives you simple control of your CA4 multiroom system. It includes 20 source labels to easily identify each system source, from a CD player to an iPod. The keypad also indicates volume and receives IR commands from a remote control.


  • Russound ST1 Single AM/FM Tuner

    $608.65 + GST

    The ST1 Smart Tuner features RDS (Radio Data System) along with 36 station presets within 6 banks that can each be custom named for display on the system user interfaces. The user interfaces will display AM/FM frequency or custom name along with RDS information such as artist and song title. The ST1 is designed to work with the MCA-66, MCA-88, and MCA-88X. 

  • Russound BTC-1X Bluetooth Receiver

    $260.80 + GST

    The BTC-1X Bluetooth® module is a transceiver that lets you wirelessly connect a portable media player, smartphone, or other Bluetooth equipped device to any Russound MCA-Series controller. It transmits balanced line audio to the XStream Bluetooth input.  The BTC-1X also supports the aptX codec, providing enhanced audio quality that is far superior to standard Bluetooth audio.