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  • Russound KT2-88X: Multizone Controller 8/8 Kit

    $8,260.00 + GST

    In order to simplify ordering, Russound offers the MCA-88X in a single-box kit that contains everything you need for a complete system in one box.   This includes our 8-source/8-zone streaming controller with six wall-mounted display keypads, IR emitters for controlling your source equipment, and a USRC universal remote control.

  • Russound MCA-88Xi 8 Source, 8 Zone Controller Amplifier Streamer

    $5,217.35 + GST

    8 Source, 8 Zone Controller Amplifier Streamer

    The Russound MCA-88X Digital multi-zone controller amplifier streamer provides up to eight zones of distributed audio. Scalable to 48 zones, the MCA-88X provides numerous options to tailor every room in residential or light commercial distributed audio systems. 


  • Russound KT2-66i: Controller System Kit with MDK-C6

    $6,086.91 + GST

    Controller Amplifier System Kit with MDK-C6

    The Russound MCA-66 digital multi-zone controller amplifier provides up to six zones of distributed audio, for up to 6 audio sources. Engineered for flexible configuration and easy integration, the controllers satisfy any design challenge. 


  • Russound MCA-66i: 6 Source, 6 Zone, Multizone Controller Amplifier

    $3,478.21 + GST

    C-Series Multizone Amplifier Audio 6 source/6 zone

    The new multi-zone controllers offer faster response time, an array of digital inputs, quicker configuration, and more great content. 


  • Russound MBX-AMP: Wi-Fi Streaming Zone Amplifier

    $1,043.43 + GST

    The MBX-AMP Wi-Fi Streaming Zone Amplifier is designed to offer a simple-to-install and simple-to-configure streaming media solution to add high-quality streaming audio anywhere in the home. Additionally, the advanced TV integration features enable the MBX-AMP to share speakers between your TV and your audio system easily without having to use any additional hardware or control system. Just use the included Infrared Sensor and quickly teach the MBX-AMP your remote control’s volume and mute commands. It’s that easy.




  • Russound MBX-PRE: Wi-Fi Streaming Audio Player

    $739.08 + GST

    The MBX-PRE Streaming Audio Player is designed to offer a simple-to-install and simple-to-configure streaming media solution to add high quality streaming audio content to any audio system. The MBX-PRE can be used as a single stereo audio streaming source for a single room, or supply a single audio stream to a larger whole-house system through its easy-to-use analog line-level/digital (coax/optical) outputs.

  • Russound XSource Streaming Audio Player

    $739.09 + GST

    The XSource Streaming Audio Player is a multi-use streaming media solution with a tiny form factor for easy integration with external amplifiers or whole-house receivers. Designed for scalability, the XSource includes native support for high resolution audio, and the full complement of sources available in all of Russound’s XStream series of products.


  • Russound MDK-C6 Multiline Display Keypad

    $608.65 + GST

    The MDK-C6 Multiline Display Keypad is a wall-mounted, standard fit, double-gang keypad for all MCA-Series controllers



  • Russound SLK1: C-Series Single line Display Keypad

    $478.20 + GST

    The SLK-1 Single Line Keypad is an in-wall Decora® style single-gang keypad designed for individual zone control of any zone of an MCA-Series controller. The SLK-1 uses a five character LCD to display the current source, volume level and system status. Designed for basic zone control, its white backlit, soft-touch buttons allow for easy access to volume, power and source selection as well as a zone specific favorite and simple source transport option – play/pause, previous and next.


  • Russound XTSPlus In-Wall Touchscreen

    $1,391.20 + GST

    In-Wall Touchscreen

    Stylish in-wall touchscreen that runs an embedded version of the MyRussound™ App to control any Russound audio systems that connect to a home network like the MCA-Series controllers or the XStream Series of audio streaming solutions

  • Russound BSK1: Bluetooth Source Kit

    $434.73 + GST

    The BSK-1 Bluetooth® Source Kit enables a portable media player, smartphone, or other device equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology to transmit audio content to any multiroom audio system.

  • Russound USRC Universal System Remote Control

    $95.60 + GST

    The USRC is designed to work with all of Russound’s multi-zone audio systems including the MCA-Series, C-Series, CAA66, CA4 and all A-BUS systems. It controls any of the programmed system sources and up to three local devices such as a TV or home theater receiver.


  • Russound CAA66K Controllor Kit With 6 KP6 system Keypads

    $3,478.20 + GST

    Six sources, six zones, internal IR library, RS-232, and switchable preamp outputs for flexibility and convenience Bass, treble, balance, loudness and “all off” for total control from keypads Program the controller and all zones are ready for use, saving time Linkable up to 36 zones to accommodate any size home New two-unit-high rack-mountable controller design for elegant and practical solution

  • Russound CAA66L: Controllor Kit With 6 LCD Keypads

    $4,347.78 + GST

    Russound has system kits that include all the necessary components for a CAA66 system. For additional cost savings, the kits include a CAA66 Controller-Amplifier, six keypads (KP6 or KPL), a USRC remote and six IR emitters. For ease of installation, the controller can be rack mounted (with the provided rack ears)

  • Russound CAA66 Advanced 6 Source/6 Zone Controller Amplifier

    $2,869.50 + GST

    The CAA66 system includes features not typically found at this price point. Simplified programming, audio playback adjustments and expandability make the CAA66 the only choice for affordable excellence in multiroom audio.

  • Russound KP6 System Keypad for CAA66 System

    $260.80 + GST

    Russound’s KP6 Keypad gives you simple control of your CAA66 multiroom system. It includes 20 source labels to easily identify each system source, from a CD player to an iPod. The keypad also indicates volume and receives IR commands from a remote control.