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Home Theatre System: MBX-AMP with Subwoofer and Speaker

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MBX-AMP Wi-Fi Streaming Zone Amplifier with one pair of In-Ceiling Speakers & Sub

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The MBX-AMP Wi-Fi Streaming Zone Amplifier is designed to offer a simple-to-install and simple-to-configure streaming media solution to add high quality streaming audio anywhere in the home. Additionally, the advanced TV integration features enable the MBX-AMP to share speakers between your TV and your audio system easily without having to use any additional hardware or control system. Just use the included Infrared Sensor and quickly teach the MBX-AMP your remote control’s volume and mute commands. It’s that easy.

The MBX-AMP allows for expansion to up to 32 streaming rooms of audio in a single installation with any combination of other MBX-Series® streaming products from Russound. When paired with a Russound multi-room controller, system expansion is possible up to 8 independent audio sources and up to 48 total rooms of audio.

In addition to offering streaming audio from popular internet sources, the MBX-AMP also offers streaming of local UPnP compliant audio. In addition, a built-in USB port allows users to connect an external flash drive or an externally-powered USB hard drive for use as additional music sources


6.5″CEILING SPEAKERS, KEVLAR CONES, 12 db XOVER, +/- 3db switches (B/T), magnetic round or square grilles

 The Edgeless series of In-Wall & In-Ceiling speakers are the perfect union of aesthetics and performance. Graceful, timeless design blends seamlessly into any decor adding an aura of elegance. Built entirely without compromise using exclusive materials and designed to last a lifetime. Space Age polymer chassis, silk tweeters and  ballistic grade black kevlar cones ensures high quality and extended durability.

 Until now frameless speakers have traded performance for aesthetics due to reduced speaker depth inherent to frameless designs. Our dedicated engineers have now overcome these limitations  using core patented Earthquake technology. An advanced fusion of XLT-geometry and SWS (Shallow Woofer System) technology unveil a performance level previously thought impossible from this type of speaker. To ensure perfect integration in any room the Edgeless series have +/- 3dB adjustment switches to tailor the acoustics and magnetically removable paintable grills for color matching.


Earthquake’s FF subwoofer system was designed to offer consumers budget and volume optimized subwoofer system solutions.

With built-in 150-Watt Class “A/B” high effiency power amplifier, auto signal sensing, 0 – 180° phase shift and 40 – 180Hz crossover, the FF6.5 is your go to sub when both budget and space are limited.

But don’t let its price nor size fool you, this small sub can produce over 100dB peak SPL (includes room gain) from 40Hz to 135Hz.

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Shipping weight 10 kg
Shipping dimensions 350 × 250 × 250 mm


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