Multizone Controller Amplifier 4 Zone, 4 Source ( CAS44 ) – Russound

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The Russound CAS44 Multi-room audio system lets you listen to your favourite tunes all over your house. 

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Multizone Controller Amplifier 4 Zone, 4 Source CAS44 – Russound

The Russound CAS44 Multizone Controller Amplifier system lets you listen to your favorite tunes all over your house. Use this controller/amplifier to create a CAS44 system or to expand your current system into as many as four additional listening rooms. Add compatible Russound keypads in each of your listening areas to select your music source, control playback, and adjust the volume. The keypads connect to the controller/amplifier via CAT-5 cable.

The CAS44 is a multi-room control and amplifier central unit. The CAS44 is compatible with the KPL remote keypads with LCD display, the KP4 remote keypads, and the CAS-RC learning and pre-programmed wireless remote.


  • Inputs: There are four analog stereo inputs (RCA) to connect four source components; CD player, digital music server, iPod, tuner, etc.
  • Speaker Outputs: The CAS44 powers four pair of speakers in four different zones (locations). Each pair of speakers’ wires attach to a modular snap connector, which then plugs into the back panel. The power output is 20 watts RMS per channel measured into 8Ω from 20 Hz-20kHz with no more than 0.1% THD, the S/N is 90 dB, and the minimum recommended speaker impedance is 8Ω.
  • Keypad Ports: Four remote keypads are wired to the CAS44 using CAT5 cable. The rear panel ports use RJ-45 connectors. Like the four speaker outputs, the four keypads correspond to four independent zones. Both the KPL keypads and the KP4 keypads are compatible with the CAS44.
  • RS-232: An RS-232 port allows control of the CAS44 by a computer, home automation system, or another device with an RS-232 interface. Firmware updates are also downloaded using this port.
  • IR Outputs: Two 3.5mm mini-jacks pass IR commands from all the connected keypads to the source components via the two included dual IR emitters.
  • Mute Input: When 12 volts DC is applied to this 3.5mm mini-jack the system will mute the speakers in all four zones; this might connect to a doorbell or paging system.
  • Trigger Output: When any zone is turned on 12 volts DC is output from this 3.5mm mini-jack; this can trigger an external amp or source component to turn on. The output is turned off 5 minutes after the last zone is turned off.


  • multi-room controller/amplifier for Russound CAS-44 multi-room systems
  • 20 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms
  • four analogue stereo inputs to connect four source components
  • four pairs of speaker binding posts
  • four RJ-45 ports connect to remote keypads using CAT-5 cable
  • one RS-232 port
  • two IR outputs (two dual infrared emitters included)
  • the mute trigger allows you to connect an external paging system or doorbell
  • 16-15/16″W x 3-15/16″H x 12-15/16″D

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