Level up your entertaining with Earthquake Sound Systems!

Engineered by audiophiles for audiophiles, Earthquake Sound speakers are meticulously crafted, to reproduce each and every single note perfectly, bringing your home theatre experience to life.

5.25″ Outdoor Speakers (Pair) (AWS502) – Earthquake Sound

Earthquake’s weatherproof  AWS 5.25″ Outdoor Speakers combine performance,  reliability and  aesthetics in one package.  Enamel-coated  anti rust  aluminum  grills,  high temperature UV treated enclosures and gold binding posts comes standard.

Rock Outdoor Speaker (Pair) (Granite-52) – Earthquake Sound

Granite-52 is a pair of rock speakers with a 5¼ inch woofer and a ½ inch mylar tweeter.  They serve as your left and right speakers and have an amazing frequency response that is unmatched by any other rock speaker. They produce a clean and accurate sound.


The newly re-designed IQ ceiling speakers now have an edgeless design with magnetically attached grille for seamless blend.

Keeping true to their ability to deliver both quantity and quality, the Edgeless IQ6S speakers feature aluminum electroplated carbon fiber cones, overhung butyl surrounds with PistonMax™ Technology, dual rotating neodymium tweeters and elaborate crossover networks. Each speaker also has +/-3dB crossover selector that allows optimization of sound to the room’s acoustics or personal listening preference.

Stereo Audio Power Amplifier (XJ-300ST)

Earthquake Sound has updated the best-selling XJ-300FR amplifier to have a 12V trigger. The XJ-300ST maintains characteristics of the small unimposing, connectable design while still packing all the power and flexibility that made the XJ-300FR so popular.

Earthquake Cinénova 12 Digital Multi-Room Amplifier

Eliminate Hum Noise From Long Cable Runs With Earthquake Sound Hum Kleaner & HLLC