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  • power amplifer

    Stereo Audio Power Amplifier 4 Zone 1 Source (ARC-1300) – Arco

    $394.10 +GST

     4 Zone 1 Source Stereo Audio Power Amplifier

    With a single source and four dynamic zones, this amplifier brings music to every corner. Plug in your headphones for a private audio escape.

    Installation is a breeze with the detachable terminal block. Fit it in a cabinet or mount it on the wall – it adapts to your space.



  • Audio Power Amplifier

    Audio Power Amplifier 4 Source 4 Zone (ARC-1323) – Arco

    $474.06 +GST

    4 Source, 4 Zone Stereo Audio Power Amplifier 

    The 4×4 amp is a quick and easy way of adding audio in up to four rooms. It also features a Loop-out for expanding to another unit, increasing the number of zones further!

  • Digital TV Amplifier

    Digital Two-Channel Amplifier with IR learning and Sub Out (TVA2.1) – Russound

    $592.88 +GST

    Better Sound for TV! Control with your TV remote. The Russound TVA2.1 is a digital 2-channel low-profile amplifier designed expressly for integrating with flat panel televisions. 
    The TVA2.1 delivers smooth, robust sound for an enhanced viewing experience. On-board IR learning allows its volume to be seamlessly controlled by the TV or cable box’s remote control.

  • Stereo Power Amplifier

    Stereo Audio Power Amplifier (XJ-300ST) – Earthquake Sound

    $1,139.94 +GST

    2X120WATT Stereo Amplifier with 12V trigger

    Earthquake Sound has updated the best-selling XJ-300FR amplifier to have a 12V trigger. The XJ-300ST maintains characteristics of the small unimposing, connectable design while still packing all the power and flexibility that made the XJ-300FR so popular.

  • Digital Amplifier 2-Channel Half-Rack (A2100) – Russound

    $1,047.37 +GST

    The A2100 Digital Amplifier is designed to add high quality, high powered stereo amplification to any audio system. Ideal for adding extra power wherever needed or for adding additional speakers as needed, it is the perfect choice for larger rooms or outdoor zones.  The space-saving design allows for an easy fit in any equipment rack and the installer-friendly integration features allow it to blend seamlessly into a system and activate automatically with other devices as needed.

  • Amplifier Wi-Fi Streaming Zone

    Wifi Streaming Amplifier (MBX-AMP) – Russound

    $1,217.39 +GST

    The MBX-AMP Wi-Fi Streaming Zone Amplifier is designed to offer a simple-to-install and simple-to-configure streaming media solution to add high-quality streaming audio anywhere in the home. Additionally, the advanced TV integration features enable the MBX-AMP to share speakers between your TV and your audio system easily without having to use any additional hardware or control system. Just use the included Infrared Sensor and quickly teach the MBX-AMP your remote control’s volume and mute commands. It’s that easy.

    *Retail customers please call Digital World before purchasing*