48 CH Network Recorder Pro PoE NVR (MS-N7048-UPH) – Milesight

Milesight 4K H.265 Pro NVR 7000 can preview/playback 4-CH 4K UHD or 16-CH 1080P IP cameras synchronously with amazing details. Thanks to the intuitive and friendly GUI, you can connect this NVR to a monitor via HDMI or VGA and easily take care of your settings.


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    Network Recorder Pro PoE NVR ( MS-N7048-UPH ) – Milesight

    Milesight 4K H.265 PoE NVR 7000 Series offers a true plug-and-play with the built-in independent PoE switches, where cameras can be easily connected without a lot of network infrastructure work, ensuring you to begin the efficient monitoring in no time.

    High-accuracy and real-time data and statistic reports are provided for further analysis, helping to make fast decisions on security management and increase the operational efficiency of the business

    Equipped with solid 4K decoding and display capabilities, Milesight 4K H.265 PoE NVR 7000 Series can synchronously decode up to 4-CH 4K UHD and 16-CH 1080P with the finest details to guarantee real-time video monitoring.


    Common features:


    • New File System (Lock Record File, Tag Video and Playback File Management, Common Backup, Event Backup, and Picture Backup.
    • Bandwidth Requirement 320Mbps or 200Mbps(When RAID is enabled) (Incoming)256Mbps or 200Mbps(When RAID is enabled) (Outgoing)
    • Leading-edge H.265 Compression
    • Plug and Play (will automatically detect, configure and play the live view of the network cameras once the cable is plugged)
    • 4K Video Viewing Experience (it can decode 4K real-time video and recording)
    • Powerful Decoding and Recording Performance
    • HDMI and VGA video out
    • Audio and alarm out options
    • Low energy consumption
    • Dual Stream Recording (able to record in Primary+Secondary Stream)
    • Up to 40TB Capacity
    • Remote access capabilities for remote view

    Additional information

    Shipping weight 4.1 kg
    Shipping dimensions 440 × 320 × 66.8 mm


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