Wireless IR Remote Control Extender ( ARC-1370 ) – Arco

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Wireless IR Remote Extender with Pairing Function

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Wireless IR Remote Control Extender ( ARC-1370 ) – Arco

The Wireless IR Remote Control Extender is designed to get your remote control’s signal where it needs to go. Control your home theater video sources like Blu-Ray, DVD, video players and receivers, and anything else that uses a standard IR remote control through walls and other obstructions by extending the IR signal with this kit.

With this Kit you are able to hide all equipment inside a cabinet and still be able to change channels, no more messy devices and cables visible nor do you need to keep equipment under the TV – it can all be stored away.

Supports Multi-zone – It allows you to change channels from any TV in the house by simply adding another receiver and pairing it with the main unit.


  • Control devices up to 100 meters away, even through walls
  • 915 MHz RF technology
  • Compatible with all Universal full band carrier frequency infrared Remotes
  • FSK modulation for better signal
  • Frequency hopping technology to minimize RF-interference
  • Digital encrypted function ensures safety and reliability
  • Small footprint only 45×45 mm
  • Easy to install
  • No extra wires needed
  • MySky Compatible
  • Support for multiple transmitters/receivers
  • Support multi-zone
  • Adhesive sticker on IR target & emitter

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Shipping weight 0.5 kg
Shipping dimensions 230 × 95 × 45 mm


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