Component Video-Audio Extender ( ARC-1276×2 ) – ARCO

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Component Video-Audio Extender ( ARC-1276×2 ) – ARCO

The Component Video-Audio Extender Box is the next step in the evolution of home theater and residential video components. This is a simple product used to extend Component Video and Audio over Cat5 or Cat6 over long distance and maintaining a crystal clear picture quality and sound. Can extend resolutions up to 1080i.


Interface: Video: 3 * RCA (Y/Pb/Pr) female connectors Audio: 2 * RCA female connectors UTP: RJ-45 connector

Impedance: Video: 75 ohm unbalanced Audio: 600 ohm unbalanced UTP: 100 ohm balanced

Bandwidth: Video: DC~60 MHz

Distance: Over Category 5e/6 UTP cable: ‧ 480p video, up to 100 meters (total length, device-to-device) ‧ 720p video, up to 75 meters (total length, device-to-device) ‧ 1080i video, up to 50 meters (total length, device-to-device)

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