12″ Powered Minime Subwoofer (Minime P12) – Earthquake Sound

$2,713.91 +GST

12″ Powered Sub, 600 Watts, Class D, 24dB XOVER, Slaps Passive – Black Piano

Minime-P12-V2  is a stylish and ultra-compact subwoofer with superb low frequency response. The powerful Class D amplifier coupled with the patented SLAPS passive device enables MiniMe-P12-V2  to reproduce frequencies down to 18Hz. The V2 series sports massive upgrades over the previous generation. The new SLAPS M Series doubles the excursion potential thus increasing subharmonic output by 40 percent. A stylish remote control has also been added for fine tunings on the fly.


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    12″ Powered Minime Subwoofer (Minime P12) – Earthquake Sound

    The 12″ Powered Minime Subwoofer system is designed to dramatically enhance your enjoyment of music and films at home by adding power and impact to low frequency sound effects without taking up your entire living space.

    The MiniMe subwoofer utilizes 600W  advanced class “D” amplifier circuitry whith over 90% efficiency, allowing it to continuously perform with out getting hot. A 12-inch premium long throw driver and an 12-inch passive radiator with patented SLAPS (Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System) Technology. With ported design and piano gloss enclosure, the MiniMe P12 subwoofer delivers a surprising bass response and high output unlike any other 10 inch on the market

    The deep luxurious black piano lacquer begins with a thorough sanding and priming, followed by multiple applications of black lacquer with additional fine sanding between each layer, and finished with a smooth, high gloss clear coat.


    • Earthquake Evolved Class D amplifier
    • 12″ Earthquake xtra long-throw unit
    • 12″ SLAPS (Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System)
    • Built in 600-Watt, high efficiency digital amplifier
    • Frequency Response: 18 – 115 Hz
    • Standard room-correction
    • 0-180 degree phase adjustment
    • 50-100 Hz frequency adjustment
    • Volume Control
    • RCA inputs.
    • Auto on / off
    • Speaker power input-output
    • Removable grilles
    • Rubber stabilizing feet
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 34,9 x 38,1 x 41,3 cm.
    • Black piano lacquer


    Additional information

    Shipping weight 8 kg
    Shipping dimensions 475 × 481 × 513 mm


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