IR Receiver (ARC-IREYE-HDM) – Arco

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IR Receiver ( ARC-IREYE-HDM ) – Arco

The IR Receiver ( ARC-IREYE-HDM ) – Arco is an IR Target unit to be used with ARC-HDM-IR Digital Modulator to send IR commands back to source device.

This IR Receiver ( ARC-IREYE-HDM ) – Arco works in conjunction with ARC-HDM-IR Digital Modulator. Unit add an IR target on the TV, the target will receive the IR signal from the remote and will send back down the same RF cable into the modulator, then will exit out of the 3.5 IR output and directed to the target device.


Freq. range                                    100 -900 MHz

Insertion loss                                3.0dB Typical

Return path signal freq               7.0MHz

IR freq.                                           20~60kHz

Impedance                                     75 ohm

Power consumption                     9mA







Click here to downloadModulator with IR return - User Manual Click here to downloadModulator with IR return