A-H484 4 Source, 4 Zone Surface Mount Hub

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    The A-H484 multisource hub allows you to play up to four audio sources through your A-BUS system. You can select any source independently in each zone at the keypad or with an A-LRC1 remote control. Each zone may have one or two rooms with A-K4 Amplified Keypads.


    To control the sources, you can use either the A-LRC1 or the source manufacturer’s remote. The A-H484 passes source commands from each zone to the source selected in that zone. It also provides a common IR output to pass source commands from all zones.

    The A-H484 provides four zones. Multiple A-H484 hubs can be linked together to accommodate larger systems.



    • Serves up to eight rooms in four zones – two rooms per zone
    • Multiple hubs link together to create more zones
    • Easily mounts on shelf or wall near audio equipment
    • Provides both routed and common IR outputs as well as 12-volt trigger output

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