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The BTC-2X from Russound is a unique Bluetooth audio device that can be used in many different applications. Its advanced Bluetooth 5.1 radio allows you to get great sounding audio at distances that were never before possible with other Bluetooth devices.

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The BTC-2X can be used in multiple ways:

As a standalone Bluetooth receiver As a remote Bluetooth receiver with Russound’s MCA-66 and MCA-88 controllers As part of the BSK-2 Bluetooth Source Kit to provide multiple Bluetooth inputs to a Russound controller in the same installation As part of the BSK-2 Bluetooth Source Kit to allow the Bluetooth radio to be located up to 500’ (152m) from connected audio gear, allowing for the ultimate in Bluetooth range in any home or business.


  • Analog Output – Maximum Compatibility with any audio system
  • Automatic or Manual Pairing Modes – Automatic pairing for ease of use in most homes and Manual pairing for businesses, MDU’s or anywhere that requires precise control of pairing
  • Bluetooth 5.1 – Improved audio quality and Range
  • Extra Features when used with a compatible Russound MCA-66 or MCA-88 Controller
  • Track Info, and App Control – When using the Russound app or touchscreens, track metadata info and playback control are available
  • Multiple Bluetooth Inputs – The RNET connection allows for up to 8 Bluetooth receivers to be used with a compatible Russound controller in a home

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