2/4 Way RF Splitter With Power Pass – Kingray

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2/4 Way Splitter Power Pass From IN to OUT ports – Reverse Power Pass All Ports

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2/4 Way RF Splitter With Power Pass – Kingray

The Kingray RF Splitter KSPxF series of splitters are designed for peak performance across the entire terrestrial & satellite bands up to 2400 MHz.

These A class splitters are compact in design with excellent screening characteristics & are Foxtel Approved.

The KSP2FRPP & KSP4FRPP have been specifically designed for use in a multistacker system. With these splitters, it allows the installer to power up to 4 active taps remotely with the use of a PIK2400 & a PSK124F to provide power.


  • 2/4 Way F Type Splitter Reverse Power Pass
  • Foxtel Approved
  • 5-2400 MHz
  • Reverse Power Pass – In to Out Ports


  • Frequency Range 5-2400 Mhz
  • RF Sheilding >100dB
  • Weight net 32g
  • Weight gross 40g




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2 Way Splitter, 4 Way Splitter